Term Sheet Bootcamp

  • 開課機構: Startup Island TAIWAN
  • 開課平台: Udemy
  • 講師介紹: - Elisa Chiu, - Eric Fan, - Yan Lee,

  • - Elisa Chiu, Founder & CEO of Anchor Taiwan

    - Eric Fan, Deputy Director of Div. VI, Taiwan Institute of Economic Research

    - Yan Lee, Founder & Managing Partner of Hive Ventures

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    Term Sheet Bootcamp is an online course focused on 3 key essential topics when entering the startup fundraising world - Key Terms, Financial Planning, and Due Diligence.

    In this course, we not only talk about the basic fundamentals of startup investments but also all core elements to a successful startup that catches investors' eyes!

    The three major courses will take you upon lessons such as talking about key terms that you have to know when signing a term sheet, learning the proper way to structure your company's cap table, and gaining the correct knowledge and preparation when doing due diligence.

    We've invited 3 well-experienced VCs who have all have a great amount of experience and success to teach each course and guide you to a successful journey in the startup investment world.

    No matter who you are, startups that want to enter the market, looking for investments, or even an investor looking to invest in startups, Term Sheet Bootcamp is the course for you!

    Watch the introduction video to get a glimpse of what you will learn from this course, we look forward to seeing you join us!






    無論你是誰,想要進入市場的新創企業,尋找投資,甚至是想要投資新創企業的投資者,Term Sheet Bootcamp都是適合你的課程!