Introduction to Data Science資料科學導論

  • 開課機構: 財團法人資訊工業策進會-微軟專業學程MPP
  • 開課平台: 開課平台:資策會-數位學習平台
  • 講師介紹: Graeme Malcolm & Liberty J. Munson

  • Graeme Malcolm
    Senior Content Developer Microsoft Learning Experiences
    Graeme has been a trainer, consultant, and author for longer than he cares to remember, specializing in SQL Server and the Microsoft data platform. He is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert for the SQL Server Data Platform and Business Intelligence. After years of working with Microsoft as a partner and vendor, he now works in the Microsoft Learning Experiences team as a senior content developer, where he plans and creates content for developers and data professionals who want to get the best out of Microsoft technologies.

    Liberty J. Munson
    Principal Psychometrician and Quality Lead Microsoft
    Liberty is the Principal Psychometrician and Quality Lead for Microsoft Learning’s technical certification and assessment program. She is responsible for ensuring that psychometric standards are rigorously applied during all phases of the exam and assessment lifecycle and that the design and implementation of Microsoft’s Certification program results in valid and reliable measurements of candidate skills. She received her BS in Psychology from Iowa State University and her MA and PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology with minors in Quantitative Psychology and Human Resource Management from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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    This course is part of the Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science.
    Learn what it takes to become a data scientist.
    This is the first stop in the Data Science curriculum from Microsoft. It will help you get started with the program, plan your learning schedule, and connect with fellow students and teaching assistants. Along the way, you’ll get an introduction to working with and exploring data using a variety of visualization, analytical, and statistical techniques.


    What you'll learn
    •How the Microsoft Data Science curriculum works
    •How to navigate the curriculum and plan your course schedule
    •Basic data exploration and visualization techniques in Microsoft Excel
    •Foundational statistics that can be used to analyze data